• My dad got sick of yelling at me to clean my room...and he warned me that if he came home from work one more time and my bedroom floor was covered in clothing, I would regret it. I came home from school and as I walked towards my house I noticed clothing fluttering by in the wind, some caught in trees, a bra in a bush...all of a sudden I recognised the stuff as mine! He had opened my bedroom window and heaved everything out! The neighbours and my friends were all laughing their heads off. Nothing was ever left on my bedroom floor again!!
  • My dad is so funny and as I look back on some of the stuff he did, I laugh my ass off! Although I wasnt laughing then! Whenever I had friends over he would tell me to go put away all my Barbie dolls, I was 16 at the time! One time, when I was about 15, I had a really huge crush on this guy, he came over, and we were sitting in my room watching tv. My dad came in the room with no shirt on and green polyester pants, and said in a hilly billy voice, "Hi, I'm Mr. Green Jeans! What's yer name?" I was sooo embarrassed!
  • um i can't say i laugh about any of it now. they're just embarassing in general. trust me. for example, when your 42 year old mother dresses like she is 16 with low cut shirts and low rise pants, you want to shoot urself. not laugh
  • I was in 9th grade, I had missed the bus 3 times that week. The third time my dad was driving.."OLD BLUE" a tow truck for semi's. It was huge! When we got to the front of the school he turned on all the flashing lights!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die!!!!! My dad was laughing so
  • My Dad always pointed to things on the blackboard with the middle finger of his hand, and never noticed the kids in class snickering.
  • My parents found a sex tape I made w/ my neighbor/girlfriend. Akward!
  • My mom would always call me by my older and younger brothers names, when I was a young girl I was shocked and dismayed, now its just a funny thing that my mom used to do!!!
  • Well as a child i adored my (adopted) Dad and especially as i became a teen, i went everywhere with him for a while and i was staying in his boat with him. But i had been naughty and he was not a Dad who would put up with it, he shouted, then spanked (ALWAYS bare bottom)! and then rubbed my bottom with a small sheet of sandpaper, it was VERY sore but i sometimes got this punishment at home. By the time he'de finished my bottom was red and burning and after i'de said sorry he asked me to stand with my back to him and massaged and rubbed cream into my bottom, VERY embarrassing i know but it helped my sore bum!. I heard noises and voices and when i turned around i saw outside the window a gang of kids laughing and saying "Daddy's rubbing her bare bottom"! so my face was as red as my bottom! but i stood like a good girl as he did it. Everyone found out my punishment but i loved my Dad and obeyed him but yes it was VERY embarrassing!.
  • She introduced me as 'the baby' till I was 10! She also told a story about me. I don't remember the incident only the story. I was very young and someone told me I was cute and she said I answered I know. I was embarrassed I had said that until I realized that I was obviously so young I didn't know anything other than what people had told me.

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