• I am not a doctor; however, mere conjecture would dictate probably not because of the intense burns and blood loss. Of course it would not only depend upon the severity of the injuries, but also how quickly he was able to get help.
  • You have to also add into the equation that he had the Force to help sustain his body and give him more endurance to the wounds (and heat). So, you probably could... If you were a Jedi.
  • Star Wars medical technology is also very advanced. Between medpacs, bacta tanks, and cybernetics, almost any kind of injury is survivable if medical attention is acquired soon enough, and the patient still has a strong will to live. Anakin was burned over most of his body surface, had inhaled enough toxic gases to permanently scar his lungs, and was almost certainly in serious shock from the loss of his limbs (even without massive blood-loss, thanks to lightsaber cauterizing). Even with the Force, he probably had a matter of minutes left to live before Palpatine found him and put him on life-support on his way back to the medical center. Good thing Palpy didn't stop for a soda on the way, huh?
  • Oh my God you Star Wars NERD!!! Why does it matter, really?
  • It should probably also be noted that, in real life, there are no such things as bacta tanks, lightsabers, Force powers like "reduce injury", or volcanic planets, so it's very hard to say what would happen in "real life". The only way to know for sure would be to take a Jedi to a volcano planet, lop his limbs off with a lightsaber, and then start your stopwatch and take notes.
  • well no,Anakin was using the force to keep himself alive,he lost concentration when he shouted"I HATE YOU!" to obi one,thats why he caught fire.BUT because he was the chosen one the force kept him alive but just barely.He was later found by palpatine and put into an atomic suit to keep him alive.

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