• That's almost always due to RF interference from an electric motor. It doesn't even have to be close to your TV, just operating on the same circuit or near a poorly insulated wire, which acts as an antenna, injecting 60Hz (and harmonic) noise into the power supply. If it's right next to the TV it will be even more pronouced because the RF interference resonates into the TV circuitry itself, not just the power supply to the TV. Typically a high current AC motor like a vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, dehumidifier, air conditioner, furnace, etc.
  • My Sony WEGA XBR TV has developed these lines - they change, sometimes disappear slowly after the TV has been on a while. Is this related to HDTV broadcasts by any chance? I am not using cable, but using an attic antenna. No motors operating, as far as I can tell.

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