• I think that you can usually pick out an accent however slight it may be. Like a regional accent is usually easy to pick out so is a slight accent from the country of a persons first language. When i ran a chat room I could tell if a person was using another name just by the way they typed , I called it their accent and tone of voice. If you watch or listen enough it is easy to do.
  • There are sounds in most other languages that we don't have in English and which most Americans can never learn to pronounce. Likewise, there are sounds in English that are extremely difficult for foreigners to learn to pronounce, such as the A in cat and the U in cut--only the French come close to cat and nobody in the world comes close to cut, as far as I know. Going back to the letter A, it's pronounced six different ways in the sentence "Many babies have a tall father." These things take a long time for foreigners to memorize, and until they do they will have an accent. That being said, not everyone can recognize an accent. My wife taught two languages and speaks three but she can't separate the accent from the speaker, even when I try to explain it.

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