• You can take your own polish if you want to, but they usually have a great selection and it's often better quality stuff. And, no you can leave on your old polish - they will take it off for you :)
  • I bring my own, I don't want other peoples finger/toe goo on my nails. But they always have a great selection. Go as is. You pay them to do all the work! Enjoy!! Just had a pedi mani myslef a few hours ago!!
  • I uaually take off my own nail polish. I'll bring my own nail polish just in case I have to touch up my nails between manicures.
  • You can take your own nailvarnish if its a colour that you really want, but they usually have loads to choose from... I agree with Egico, they will take it off for you..! Happy manicuring...! : )
  • They will take off your old varnish. They always have a great selection of colours and it will be quality varnish. Enjoy it, it is really relaxing and look forward to having nails you wont stop looking at.
  • I take my own as I have loads and it is easier to touch up if required. However I leave my old polish on so that they can take it off.
  • Let me answer your first question with a question. Do you take your steak or lobster with you to the restaurant?

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