• Here in Montreal, yes, but it is an extreme hassle since MS-Vista is being rammed down our throats. You can NOT just walk in and pick one off a shelf, they do not exist ... you must custom order the hardware and software, then pay extra to have it assembled and setup.
  • Dell is still offering XP as an option.
  • Yes, I still see Win XP preloaded on most Hewlet-Packard (HP) computers..
  • Not in the UK as far as I know, I tried pretty hard and still had to have Vista.
  • You can, Dell has some now... but not many choices. And all the new softwars is geared towards Vista. I broke down and went with Vista last week. It isn't compatible with all my old stuff, so I have to update some things. It isn't that bad once you get used to it. But, I really wish I could have waited another year or 2 before I had to buy another new computer!
  • Yes, if this page is up to date: Desktop computers: Notebooks:,scId=3,bCatId=4590,ptnrid=42,ptnrdata=24003
  • You can, with a bit of searching. Most companies will offer small-business laptops with XP rather than Vista, and the specs are often equal to or better than personal laptops for similar pricing.
  • Most independent shops that custom build desktops and custom-configure laptops will cater to your XP needs.
  • yea I can build you one
  • It's called a Windows XP Downgrade. They're sold with Windows XP loaded and a "give" you a Windows Vista Disc that you dearly pay for. You get Windows XP which is what you want. Microsoft gets your money for Vista which they want. Should you be foolish enough, you can install Vista from that disc or better yet, toss it into the garbage where it belongs. If you have an enemy, it might make the perfect gift.
  • you can certainly buy used PCs with XP and custom PCs for sure
  • You can definitely get Windows XP... But you have to use the N-word... Netbook. Better hop now before Windows 7 comes!
  • of cannot handle certain pograms and accessories
  • yes of course all pc's work better with xp if u get one with vista its easy to put xp on and at moment license is very cheap
  • Dell has them pre-loaded with Window's XP. But, most of the other's newer version's of Computers nowaday's have Window's Vista installed. WHY WHO NEED'S A WINDOWS XP DISK. ANYONE CAN MAKE ONE ONLINE ANYTIME, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY ONE.
  • Yes i can buy computers preloaded with window XP because window xp very understandable and faster than any order windows so far.
  • Yes i can buy computers preloaded with window XP because window xp very understandable and faster than any order windows so far.
  • I doubat it, why would yu want too anyway. Do yu still play 45's(records on a turntable with a needle)

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