• Jehovahs Witnesses obey the secular laws in the lands in which they operate. This information would be on file for public review by the New York State Real Estate Office. The Christian Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses is a preaching organization, we believe, carrying out the same work that Jesus, Paul, and the faithful Christians in the first century engaged in. They are not a real estate holding company. Because the real estate market has boomed in many cities, including Brooklyn, New York, some of these properties have gained in value. Remember though that the Witnesses held firm in Brooklyn while the neighborhood around them was being left to decay.
  • many do not realize how much property watchtower bible and tract society actually own. we take the work of spreading the kingdom news very seriously and are convinced that Jehovah God and his son have entrusted this responsability to this organization. therefore, it would take alot of money to accomplish the work of educating the entire population of this planet about Jehovah's ways and standards, and prepare them to survive armageddon. so even though most have not responded we continue to take the message throughout the earth in hopes that many more will listen and be saved.
  • The watchtower bible and tract society holds title to: Properties in brooklyn new york; Facility near Walkill, NY; Agricultural Farmland (3-6 Sections) near Walkill, NY; Educational Center @ Patterson, NY Branch office properties in Toronto Canada, England, Europe; some parts of Africa; Most of the countries of South America; New Zealand, Austrailia, Indonesia, the Philipines, Japan, and Tiawan. The watchtower bible and tract society holds title to Notes secured by real estate on tens of thousands of properties as a result of "quick build" kingdom halls and renovations on other similar properties. (aggregate amount of notes estimated in 2004 to be in excess of $11,000,000,000 in the United States alone) Current estimate of existing market prices would place the value of the notes held in the United States in the neighborhood of $30 to $40 Billion as of 5-13-08 World wide the estimate aggregate value of real estate and debentures held would be in the neighborhood of $300 to $600 Billion. This does not include Owned or subsidized commercial operations. Those would increase that value by 25% to 50% more.
  • Source of this information: personal and actual knowledge
  • The Jehovah witnesses are very nice misled people. I have read so much literature on this Cult. Charles Taze Russell is buried with a Mason Cross on his Tomb in Pennsylvania. Rutherford was an alcoholic and not a very nice one. They use good people to donate time and money to build their real vast estate empire. The Jehovah Witness have grossly misquoted the Greek language to write their NWT Bible. During the depression when well meaning JW sold their land and posssessions for the end of the World; judge Rutherford was living in Europe and had two 12 cylinder Cadillacs. How about the mansion purchased in La Jolla , Ca where Rutherford resided . The saints never showed up as prophesized, but Rutherford did. This is a huge multi-million dollar property. When the saints were on earth they lived a meek existance. What about the fact that the JW pay off witnesses to child molestors and other criminal offenses by their church members. It must be nice to have volunteers buid vast empires in Real Estate only to increase the net worth of the JW Watchtower holdings. Also the NWT is grossly inaccurate in order to fit a bible into their doctrine. One of the interpreters used mediums to translate the so called bible to mislead the good JW people, Hans Greber. If the Watchtower is inspired from God , the truth should be the truth, yet their prophecies have failed each and every time. How would Jehovah reveal untruths if he is all loving and knowing. He wouldn't. What about all of the poor people that believed the prophecies only to be misled all the while , while the watchtower grew bigger and bigger. I love the fact that the JW will not let their own salute a flag or show any nationalistic patriotism yet they do not mind using our courts to further they agenda of the watchtower. They do not mind buying up Real Estate in our country and incorporating under our laws. During the trial in 1913 over the miracle wheat scandal, Charles Taze Russel was guilty of pergury and could not read Greek during the trial after claiming to read and write Greek. They like to quote experts but Dr Manty who they quote, called the NWT a faulty bible and gross misinterpretation intended to fit a doctrine. an example is John 1:1 . Logos Theos would not have an a added as any Greek student knows. Poor Russelites give to the Watchtower and purchase materials to peddle , while the organization makes lots and lots of money. When Russell sold miracle wheat and owned 90-95% of the Watchtower he had a base of 500,000 JWs only happy to buy his wheat. The wheat was tested and was not even good wheat. Last question. Why is Russell burined in a tomb next to the Mason lodge with a cross on his tomb? check it out. Why are rapist and child molestors protected by the watchtower. Two brothers must witness the allegation to procecute. Since when do child molestors and rapist take along an audience. Please read your bible on your own outside of the Watchtower literature and Jesus will show you the truth. It clearly says in Isaiah that there is only one God so how could Jesus be a God. The book of Hebrews clearly states that Jehovah called Jesus God. In Genesis 1:26 Jehovah said , "Let us make Man in our image." In Genesis 7 he again says US. Michael did not dare to rebuke Satan. In John Thomas calls Jesus God . In Revelation Jesus is the alpha and Omega. Jesus also says I AM. Isaiah clearly states that there is no other God except me Jehovah numerous times. Does that make Jesus a false God? Jesus said that all eyes shall see him when he returns yet the JW claim that he returned in 1914. Regarding the 144,000 they are Jewish men during the tribulation and are made up of 12 tribes clearly stated who did not give themselves to women. If you have kids you gave yourself to a woman. If you are a woman you are already disqualified as they are men. The watchtower is a Giant and well thought out Pyramid scheme. Charles Russell is buried under a pyramid . Ironic and with a Pagan Cross on the tomb. Russell and Rutherford were both angry men to say the least and their families did not think much of them. Open your eyes and it will hit you. The watchtower is exploiting and has volunteers work for free . How nice to own a company , build properties all with free labor. JW are some of the greatest people that I know , but are misled by the Watchtower. SO sad.
  • What properties does the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society hold TIGHTLY to? yours, if they can get their hands on it.
  • I doubt that, without some pretty serious digging, that could ever be figured out. Diferent entities, trusts, etc. make it hard to find.
  • I wonder how much money the board makes at Watchtower.
  • I understand that their headquarters in Brooklyn comprises several large buildings which is where most of their work is carried out and, of course there are their Kingdom Halls which are spread throughout the world which you may notice when passing them.
  • I like looking around different religions on you question found some articles. Religions really make me wonder
  • Can anybody here give me some evidence of why they believe the JW's to be a cult? thank you x
  • I don't think that there is any official report that lists all the properties that is owned by the watchtower bible and tract society but if you're really interested in knowing you can approach the public records division of the Court and use the freedom of information act to gather that information

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