• At the height of "Good Times" run, Carter was groomed for a teen-idol singing career. Mercury Records hired Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen to produce Carter's one and only release 1976 "Young And In Love". Ralph's two 12" singles were "Extra Extra (Read All About it)" and "When You're Young And In Love." At the shows end Carter quickly fell from the spotlight, occasionally resurfacing in the early 1980's on a few guest spot roles. After television he was frequently an actor in Broadway plays. Most recently (2004) Ralph Carter was in Melvin Van Peebles’ Tony-nominated musical AIN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE A NATURAL DEATH Reference Links:
  • Where is and what is Ralph Carter of Good Times doing these days? Does he have a family?
  • Not sure but I found a website once called something like "What are they doing now"? It explained what all sorts of people from the 80s were doing now, many weren`t up to much. It`s a great website have a look for it. I think Lee Horsely is still making movies.

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