• a salpingectomy is the removal of both or one of the fallopian tubes. i had one fallopian tube removed. i needed a emergency operation. first they do an internal to check the womb i think. then they do a ultrasound scan. if they find an ectopic pregnancy they will then do surgery, depending on what they find they will either take your tube out or if your lucky leave it and just remove the ectopic embryo. (maybe lucky wasnt the right word to use)
  • These days they're usually done laparoscopically. that is, using small abdominal incisions (maybe 1/2 inch long) to insert a video scope and surgical instruments to examine the tube and remove it. It must be done under general anesthesia (with the patient asleep) and typically takes half an hour to an hour. If there is a tubal pregnancy (embryo growing inside the tube instead of in the uterus) it might be possible to just remove the pregnancy and close the tube up without removing it -- then it's called a salpingostomy.
  • can you still get pregnant with a salpingoectomy?

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