• Maybe it is too late to find it..maybe it has been recycled and is now a flower pot or something... : )
  • Use search. start/search/files and folders then write recycle you can then make a shortcut to your desktop.
  • At first read I thought you meant a physical recycling bin. Right click on your start menu. Click on search and type in recycle bin. Make sure you are searching the whole computer.
  • Try this. 1. Click Start, and then click My Computer. 2. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options. 3. Click the View tab, and then click to clear the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) check box. 4. Click Yes when the warning message appears, and then click OK to close the Folder Options dialog box. 5. Click Folders on the toolbar. Note If Folders is not visible on the toolbar, point to Toolbars on the View menu, and then click Standard Buttons. 6. In the left pane, under Folders, locate the Recycle Bin folder, and then drag the Recycle Bin folder to the desktop. 7. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options. 8. Click the View tab, and then click to select the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) check box. Click OK.
  • I think some kids needed a place to put the ice and beer they were drinking on Saturday night. It's probably in the backyard of one of your neighbors.
  • On Window Vista, it is possible to delete the recycle bin from your desktop. You can put it there again with the Personalization options in the Control panel. "So, we dutifully fire up Control Panel and click on the Personalization options" "With all the options on the right in the big white emphasized area, it's very easy to miss "Change desktop icons" near the top left" "Click on that and you'll get this handy little dialog:" "Click the Recycle Bin checkbox as I've highlighted above, click OK, and your Recycle Bin should reappear on the desktop." Here you can find the detailed explanation:
  • I've never heard of that. How can one trash the recycling bin? Hm. I'm going to have to think for a long time, now.
  • Do you like rent the recycle bin? Pay for it out right? I don't know about the recycle bins so I am just taking stabs in the dark. Are you paid up on it if you rent it?
  • Let the recycling bin go - if it doesn't come back, it never really was yours to begin with.

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