• personally i think its a BIG CON. i suffer really bad from anxiety and when i started using the net for help all it came up with is the linden method. now the person who "invented" the linden method himself as been through the HELL anxiety, so why would he want to make money from other people who suffer from it? if i found a cure for anxiety then i would help everyone i could not make money from it. he says hes found a cure for anxiety, but has he? anxiety to some extent is normal. i wouldnt waste money on the linden method go to your doctor who can put you in touch with counselling, it will help you to deal with anxiety and they dont claim to be MIRACLE WORKERS. make up your own mind on it but honestly if it worked there would be noone like me suffering with anxiety because the doctors would know about it by now.
    • ARTICFOX700
      agree counseling at first to me was very slow and we weren't solving much however over time it worked a little. Today it costs to much however would love to go back for a few sessions I need someone to talk to even if I have to pay for it.

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