• try straightening starch by alterna...its an excellent product that would keep my hair straight for days.
  • It amazes me how people with wavy hair want it straight, while people with straight hair spend a fortune getting it permed or hours with tongs to get it wavy. Why not just accept your hair the way it is naturally and be done with all the hassle!
  • There is no sure-fire way, but Frizz-Ease makes a straightening balm that may work for you. One note: I know this is not what you're asking for, but you shouldn't have a hairstyle that you have to fight to keep every day. If you don't have a really great stylist, find one now and ask her if she can try any styles that might work with your hair texture but still give you the "look" you want. As it was once explained to me: any decent stylist can give you whatever look you ask for, given time and product. It's a great stylist who can give you a look that you both love and are able to reproduce without much trouble. Good luck on your quest!
  • Do you live in the south? Because if you do it depends on how the humidity is the south is extreamly humid where I live now is a little humuid almost nothing to other places I have been and lived and some products are not going to help if you live in the rainforest.I do know that salon Quality is the best and the cheap stuff mostly in the stores have unpure additives that I didn't know before until a few days ago, this very popular stylist from NY that charges a ton was giving tips on hair care.She sead one key to great hair is to have a great wooden brush and if I seen it I would know it but if I were you I would go to one of those discount professional salon places that sell Red Ken and other products.Flax seed oil is great too for hair growth.
  • Can you not tie it back?
  • I have the same problem. What I do now though is shower at night, and go to sleep with it wet, because it tames frizz. But as soon as I get out the shower, I use Garnier Fructis sleek and smooth anti humidity serum, and then I use a hair protectant since I use my straightner everyday. It's really important that you deep condition your hair EVERY time you shower, to keep it healthy. But when you leave your house, a good thing to do is put it in loose braids until you get to where your going, because when you take your braids out your hair will still be straight but with a little kink from the braids, but the kink will go away, and your hair will be straight.
  • Keep it covered when you're out in the humidity

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