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  • have you ever used a cock ring? Thos tend to make you last longer, has your wife ever been to a slumber party they have what you call time in a bottle it is a cream that you put on 10 min before sex and it help make you last. that is the website for it. It has all kinds of stuff to help in the bedroom as well as keep you lasting hours at a time.
  • try masterbating an hour or so before. it will take longer to get off the 2nd time and it will be much more intense...
  • Try thinking about something else. Count backwards from 99 by 3's, think about baseball stats, or best of all picture Richard Nixon in your head. It is physically impossible to have an orgasm while thinking of Richard Nixon in his Blue suit.
  • Dear as a specialist in human sexology I believe to find out the root cause of your problem because once we are able to locate it then we can treat it to uproot ur PE problem completely. PE is a deep rooted problem Superficial medications may treat it temporarily but it returns when u stop the medications. So lets go by my way to find out the root cause "why u are having so less ejac time" Then I shall advice u appropriately. My patients have increased the time from 1minute to 30 -40 minutes with my treatment. But we have to look to the over all picture. If we find the severity of PE high then we have to prescribe some medications along with it. Mostly these medications are herbs nutrients which rejuvinates your sexual system. You can contact me at Sexologist India

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