• Everywhere. Carbon is found in every single living thing on the face of the earth and under the seas. Factoid#23 - Scientists don't think life can exist without cabon, even on other planets.
  • Carbon is a light element, thus is dominantly found in the Earth's continental crust, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The vast majority is stored in rocks - dominantly limestone, dolomite, and marble. Some is stored in ocean water and a very small (but important!) part as atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is a major constituent of most living organic matter, mostly in the soil; upon death, some of that is stored as fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas). Wikipedia - - has a nice graphic enumerating reservoirs and fluxes (ignoring geological storage). Pure carbon is rare, occuring as graphite and diamond as well as a couple of even rarer forms. See for information on diamond and graphite. The carbon cycle is discussed in detail in many places online - one is
  • Carbon is the universal element which is present in all living things or previously living carbon is all around us
  • It is found in three forms: amorphous, graphite, and diamond. Now these things can be found in different forms as well. For instance, graphite can be found as both beta and alpha. Both have same physical properties except for their crystal structure. These answers can be found just by a little bit of research my friend! Be a smart guy and look it up yourself and don't expect people to answer these questions for you! these kind of asking websites are made for advise and not answers that can EASILY be found just by looking it up! good day to you!

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