• are you wondering what kind of food DO YOU eat or what kind of food DID I eat? generally, with a tongue piercing, it's best to avoid hot liquids, spicy foods, and foods with too much acidity and other things of that ilk. if you're wondering about ice cream, and noodles, and just regular, run-of-the-mill food stuffs, then go ahead and munch away. just take chewing a little slower than usual, because until you're used to the ring, you're going to accidentally chomp down on it (which hurts) if you aren't careful.
  • i ate soup..noodles and ice cream for the first 2-3 days then after i tried eating more solid foods. but BE CAREFUL to chew slowy or u will bite your bar..which isnt too good =]
  • can i drink any alcohol
  • the things i ate mostly were oatmeal,cold soups,& mashed potatoes.I didnt really want to eat bc it hurt a bit.I drank a lot of water && tea.Still do. Stay away from coffee && alcohol. It was very hard for me to eat bread so i stayed away from that.I ate a buch of ice pops and ice chips it felt better with the coldness bc of the swelling.i was very careful on what i ate, i still am like that bc of risk of infections and the risk of biting on the barbell while your chewing (HURTS!)
  • Frosties from Wendy's

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