• Simply put, it's because it's aesthetically pleasing. Elegant. Compare two animals in the kingdom. Who pleases the eyes more, a gazelle or a ground hog? The long legged monkey, or the short legged gorilla? A long, draping willow tree, or a shrub? Simply more eye pleasing.
  • mmm .... maybe they know the woman can run away faster when he gets sick of her!?!
    • Creamcrackered
  • I don't. I think height is more normal on men. not women. It just doesn't look right to me.
  • because fat people with cankles and cellulite are custy.
  • I don't prefer tall women.
  • people with long limbs are generally attractive because of evolutionary reasons. it has been proven in a recent study by Polish scientists that long limbed people (of both sexes) are less likely to get cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.
  • dont know . but glad you do . he he
  • Oh man yes, The longer the better. Someone like Stacy Keebler.
  • Models have long legs and their body is in the proportion of 60-40 for lower torso to upper and it is found to be very attractive to most humans.
  • I think guys do like long shapely legs, but not long bean pole legs, but you live with what God gave you. I don't think there are any leg extension surgeries outside of fiction.
    • Creamcrackered
      That's why we wear crippling high heels.
  • As a female, I would say that long legs were meant to please and tease with infatuation or fetishism.
  • They like our boots.
  • They don't. They like women who put in the effort to look their best. Tall women are terrible to fit and as a result usually have to buy high end to get a decent look. Obviously, guys translate this as a chick trying to look hot", It's the same with big breasted women getting more attention than tall girls.
  • Cause they wrap around you nice.

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