• Uhh...a giraffe...a banana...David Hasselhoff. You can draw anything you want since oojie boards are farces in the first place.
  • hello, goodbye, letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, yes, and no.
  • Your really are in dire straights. We won't tell you what type of household items you can use to induce some euphoria so now you have decided to ask some demons about it... amazing.
  • WARNING DO NOT put pentacle symbols on your Ouija board.
  • You can put any symbols on a board, but I suggest you find the meanning to the symbol, and the purpose on why you are placing it on the board. The pentical or pentagram you can place on the board, but only if your element is earth.
  • Blood make the pointer fly!!!!!!!
  • you can draw what ever you want on it, but the must have are (goodbye, A-Z, 0-9, Yes and No)
  • The Ouija bard is a psychotronic device. It uses your own mind to open a portal. Your mind is a hyperdimensional transmitter/receiver. All the board does is focus your mind and allow you to pull information out of the Akashic Record. However, it ALSO opens a portal through which ANY kind of spirit can come to you. Without the knowledge to protect yourself from such beings, it is a very dangerous tool to construct. If you don't like the spirit that comes through, there is no sure way of getting rid of it, and there is no time limit within which it must leave you.
  • Quija Boards, firstly, are a brand name thing. More commonly they are called witch bards or talking boards. Secondly before you go into using a witch board make sure you have done your research on how it is done. and it is good to have at least one person who knows what they are doing present. I guarantee that no one here has the knowledge or experience required to be correct about them working or not or the why's and how's. that's not to insult anyone's just well, we literally can't know either way, at our current level of what we do know about the universe. Third and last. Most typically on witch boards, there is a pentacle/pentagram present, or some symbol representing wholeness or unity. These are on average central on a board and the sort of starting place from which things go. popularly the other symbols that go on the board are less based on meaning, and more on style and feel. you want a Celtic board use a Celtic font, maybe put letters from the ogham and dagda spirals on want a Germanic one slap on some runes, bolts, majolner and maybe a stag. an Indian one might use some sort of concentration circle, and maybe animals like elephants, cobras, or even deities. a board is personal like a guitar or nice car, make it something that appeals to you and you feel comfortable with. A symbol means something because you believe in it and you give it meaning, other wise it is all just chicken scratches. There is no real magic combination that makes it potent.
  • As long as the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 are not on the board, it should work just fine. The Island, however, cannot be contacted unless the jamming station is turned off.
  • UNLESS you Know what you are doing and are EXPERIENCED in the use of a board such as this ; DON'T MAKE OR USE ONE !! These can be VERY dangerous when used by amatures who are not trained in how to handle the evil that can be set free from a board like this ... Find another solution to getting your answers ... like talk to a local psychic ... etc .

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