• Theoretically, there's no such thing as too much knowledge. There is however, such a thing as too much knowledge in proportion to your *Wisdom*.
  • yes. if you knew everything, you would be aware of all the risks there were in life, and you'd probably just curl up in a ball and die.
  • TOO much knowledge could be a bad thing if you become uncomfortable. I know that the more I learn about politics, the more uneasy I become. Unfortunately, "ignorance is bliss" is not realistic. I have to keep learning so I can participate in this world.
  • The pretense of having more knowledge that you do have is a bad thing. A knowledgeable person who thinks that it makes him a cut above the rest is a bad thing but tere can never be too much knowledge for the world to become a better place. Knowledge with wisdom is commendable; knowledge with arrogance is disaster!
  • It can be. It depends. Too much knowledge led to the discovery of nuclear weapons so....
  • it depends if you keep the knowledge to yourself if you find out how to become immortal then tell everyone the world is going to become to overpopulated and kaboom
  • I believe so. I also believe I am both intelligent and wise enough to realize that there are times when I would be happier if I were stupid.
  • I would say definitely. Innocence as a child is a great thing, but sometime you must grow up. If you don't no any better, everything seems good to you and you'll be happy, but there is a point in life where you should know some of the bad things in the world. You can't live a perfect life because this isn't a perfect world. If you don't have any knowledge, it can be dangerous because for example, you'll jump off a cliff. If you know what is right and wrong, you wouldn't do that.
  • I wouldn't think so, then again how would I know?
  • This question brings to mind two of my favorite sayings: "If you think education's expensive, try ignorance" - Derek Bok, President, Harvard University. "A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not at all from the Pierian spring." Alexander Pope. My own feeling is no. Not only is it not bad, I'm not sure too much knowledge even exists, except in an emotional sense, such as someone who can't handle the truth. Or when someone wants to keep others from learning the all the facts about an issue, aka "the truth".
  • Too much knowledge is a bad thing if you do not do anything with that knowledge. You will see those people once in a while that go "I gotta do this", "and this too", "and after this I will be best", "and this".. They are using learning as a excuse of not doing it.
  • only if you know that you know a lot. true wisdom is admitting that you know nothing.
  • yes. if you knew everything, you would be aware of all the risks there were in life.
  • Being a very savvy lady is a good thing. :)
  • 8-26-2017 "Bad" is an opinion, so it only depends on who you ask.
  • Too much of anything is -- hence the definition of "too": to a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively. ---- I would venture to say it is much too early to worry, you are not there yet.

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