• I would not be happy, Doc, not at all...:)
  • Actually, Americans would live a LOT BETTER without Wal-Mart stores!
  • Interesting question since I am a Wal-Mart associate.
  • I think they could and should,for if the economy goes down much further,because of the exporting of jobs,one won't even be able to shop there.Walmart is the downfall of a free market society,because all other businesses go out of business because they cannot compete.
  • Without a WalMart store, I think alot of Americans would be overpaying for an item - meaning less savings and money in their pocket.. But this is only my personal thought...
  • I think so. They did for several years.
  • haaha prob not we're spoiled just admit it!!
  • Not the americans that are ghetto. Alot of them frequent walmart x(
  • When Wal-mart is all you can afford, the economy is in a sad state for sure! I know many people, myself included, who wouldn't be able to feed their families or clothe them if Wal-mart hadn't come to our little corner of the world. We aren't in the ghetto. We live in a small town in the midwest, where there aren't jobs that pay what is needed to survive. Maybe Wal-mart does contribute to it, but it's what we're stuck with. Kind of a vicious circle. Wal-mart has made people dependent upon it.
  • i could I hate that place
  • I could live very easily, and do, without Wal-Mart. Honestly, the only thing I go there for is my oil change; in and out of auto - no visit to the store itself. I hate the place.
  • From what I understand of the store I would say yes they could but it would make certain aspects of their shopping life's a little more difficult!
  • They will have to learn because i am taking walmart down!
  • I could. We'd all just go to Target. In my opinion, it is just like Wal-Mart.
  • We did it before we can do it again!!!
  • Here is one American that could and would live without a Wal-Mart store. I only visit Wal-Mart about four times a year as it is now.
  • It would be difficult. Tons of people would be without jobs and the public would have to pay more for some things. There would be less competiton and others would raise prices even more.
  • this country would be so much better without walmart, exponentially. So yes, and not only could they, it would be better for them in the long run.
  • as long as there is the internet and Costco I think we'd be fine. We can live without cheap stuff.
  • Sure, but I hardly think Wal-mart is the "demon" that so seem to think it is. It's only one of many stores.
  • Americans are still very resourceful people. I'm sure that we could learn to make do with CostCo and Sam's Club (the , even if we didn't have Wal Mart. I am old enough to remember the old Nickel and Dime Stores, and Woolworth, which were very much like Wal Mart, and the S.S.Kresge Dime store, which evolved into K-Mart, and is still going strong. With over 130 millionaires who made their money as retailers in department stores, chain stores, large specialty retail stores or in the mail order business, how can you take just one family and denigrate them?
  • Not POOR Americans, (even tho' the glut of "99 cent and $1 stores", has but a small bite in Wal-Mart).
  • Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, had a dime store, which evolved into Wal-Mart. Woolworth is the first dime store, which had been in business for well over a century before going bankrupt. Woolworth has revolutionized shopping, with merchandise on shelves instead of behind counters, and clearly marked prices. The Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia was the first store with price tags on the merchandise. Sears started as a mail-order store with a selection that rivals Wal-Mart. Piggly Wiggly is the first supermarket, open in 1916, and was similar to today's grocery stores except for the barcode scanners, which had to wait another 60 years to be invented. Back then, convenience was valued about as much as now. Once the economy picks up, we could do without Wal-Mart.
  • Yes, as they could also live without competitors Target and KMart.
  • I doubt it.
  • My family wouldnt, Id have to sell my ferrari and my donzi
  • I try to but in this eco it is hard too google the high cost of low price i would like to not ever shop at walmart again,but now it's hard not to i have a famil to feed

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