• Yes! Just like 5 minutes ago I could have sworn I smelled burning taco shells, but I ask my mom and we don't even have tacos in the house.
  • There are times I feel I smelled maple syrup.
  • It's called Phantosmia if you have it often, or phantom smells. I have it bad, in fact I've had it off and on for over 6 years. And the smells are always bad smells. People who suffer with this very often think they are losing their minds because no matter what you do the smell invades your brain and you can't get rid of it. I hate it when all I smell is this rotten fruit/spoiled hay combo smell. Drives me nuts. It comes in waves. When I first got it my doctor was really in a panic because one of the causes of it is brain tumors. But we think mine is from some sort of sinus infection. If it happens again, I'd check with a doctor to see what they think. And remember, it is always an awful smell, rotten something, smoke, excrement, that sort of thing. It's like bad wiring in your head. Don't want to panic anyone but just thought people should be warned instead of sorry.I know I was very worried for awhile, especially after I started looking it up online. That will really worry a person. Better to go through it with a doctor than all alone with your imagination:-)
  • i'd go check on those kids! lmao!
  • Certain memories are associated with smells too and vice versa. It's nothing to worry about! ........ Interesting as well is that schizophrenia symptoms include phantom smells as well.
  • Certain memories are associated with smells too and vice versa. It's nothing to worry about! ........ Interesting as well is that schizophrenia symptoms include phantom smells as well.
  • Hash, I wish I could smell that smell. I have'nt seen that stuff around here in years.
  • Sometimes your sinuses play such tricks on you. Do you have sinus trouble? Or, how close is your neighbor?..maybe the neighbor was cooking hash and had the windows open..or maybe you are hungry for hash and are really good at the sense memory thing. :)
  • Are you sure hash and not ass ;)
  • I honestly and seriously think that when a phenomenon like that happens there was a ghost present. That's not bad or anything, I just think that something that odd [which happens to me all the time, my house is haunted by a ghost that only haunts places where I am] has to have an explanation, and I think that's it!
  • Many times: sometimes I smell burning food when nothing is burning. Cigarettes, then I see someone smoking outside. Car exhaust, I don't have a garage.
  • the smell of oranges when there are none
  • somebodys cooking next door,this happened here just recently with wifes friend thinking she had damp in the house,turned out differently tho when the cops came:0
  • Thats very similar to my experience when my s/o and our kids are staying in our holiday home I sometimes get the smell of hash and I'm the only one home and we live in a house on its own ground so it can't be blowing in from outside
  • Many things give off molecules which interact with special neurons in your nose that give you the sensation of smell. A lot of brain-related conditions, including schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease, but most epilepsy, can cause damage to either the central nervous system or the receptors that cause you to experience smells that aren't there, or "phantosmia". It CAN be an indicator of serious illness, so if you experience it and are unaware of any existing conditions that could cause it, you should consult a doctor. As other people have said, in the same way that you can have dreams that seem real to your senses of vision and touch, you can trick your brain into thinking you smell things if you're particularly tired or out of it. This, obviously, is nothing to worry about. If the problem persists, see a doctor.
  • I often think I smell something burning when nothing is. :/
  • yep right before a big ol migraine hits. =(

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