• Usually the countries that asylum seekers come from!
  • I think all countries will provide asylum, if you provide them with valuable information on their enemies...
  • If you are applying from an insane asylum, you might even find have a bit of a problem getting accepted into the United States.
  • I found this list of 13 countries that won't accept Muslim Refugees: Lebanon Shut her borders to Syrians in June of 2014. Jordan Shut her borders to refugees in August 2014. Saudi Arabia Did not and will not take a single refugee because of a threat to her safety, as terrorists could be hiding within. Bahrain Ditto. United Arab Emirates Ditto. Qatar Ditto. Kuwait Ditto. Oman Ditto. Poland After the Paris attacks, Poland said, "Wait a minute. Forget about taking in refugees." (4) Turkey Turkey has ended its open door policy of admitting Syrian refugees (5). Hungary Hungarian soldiers last autumn sealed her border with barbed wire (6). Egypt By refusing to issue visas, Egypt effectively closes it borders (7) to Syrian refugees. Slovakia Slovakia is OK taking in Syrians - as long as they're not Muslim (8)

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