• temporary employment agencies do.
  • Is there a list of Employers that hire ex felons?
  • mcdonald's probably does..they hire anyone.
  • The one's with character and are willing to overlook past mistakes. They realize the debt to society is paid and one needs a second chance. Unfortunately not many businesses have compassion or character so one will have to look hard.Also the companies that do not check into your past could hire.
  • To all Ex-Felons and Ex-offenders trying to gain employment, housing and/or drug abuse assistance in the New York City area, go to "THE DOE FUND" website.
  • The industry that has the most need for employees at this time is the health care industry. You need to return to school and work for a health aid certificate. Another industry that is in great demand is the tech:
  • if you live in akron ohio call felons for hire they do a sorts of constuction, from block work to roofing. the number is 330-990-0661
  • you can also go to different types of temp services. i would suggest kelly services because they will actually let you pick what kind of job you want and if they can find an opening they will try to get you a posistion in that company.
  • Quick Prep Careers: Good Jobs in 1 Year or Less by By Paul Phifer Lists several different types of jobs that an ex felon might be able to get. Good Luck
  • I have noticed that McDonalds won't even hire felons no more but from the grape vine I have heard that BP does. That is in Akron Ohio oh and don't try to apply at Circle K if you are a felon that would be a big fat NO.
  • I am an ex-felon with a violent crime committed when I was 18. Served 19 years in prison. Got out in 2004. I have a job as an independent contractor delivering the newspaper. I presently have one of the largest routes in the state and gross over 3K a month. After expenses (Gas and bags), I net anywhere between 2300-2400/Mth. It is easy to get a job with the paper. It is the only business I know of that flat out does not care about your record.
  • Mimo's pizza.
  • Here is a list of nationwide companies that hire ex-offenders:

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