• Not all of his movies were awful; he had offers for some great roles but Coronel Tom wouldn't let him take them. He was afraid it would hurt Elvises Image1, with the younger set!!!!!!!!!
  • There was such a demand for them they hardley had time to write any thing thus, his movies. Girls didn't care what the movie was about as long as he was in it.
  • Some of his movies are good.
  • Not all of them were bad. King Creole was great. So was Love me tender. Most of the films were made on the fly so there wasn't time to flush them out and his manager turned down work that wouldn't appeal to teens.
  • Elvis movies are a guilty pleasure for me. I like that kind of plastic optimism and a world where everything if bright and shiny.
  • 1-25-2017 Elvis always insisted on being the only star, so he never stretched his talent by working with anybody else.
  • If you compare the Elvis movies with the others movies made at the same time the Elvis movies don't look so bad. I have stopped seeing real old movies that I loved when they came out. Now they seem absolutely corny and stiff and my memories are dashed!

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