• Well, i used to think it was when you are very creative/talented/imaginative/conceptual etc in a certain artistic area whatever that maybe, but now subway has sandwich artists so perhaps the term has lost it's meaning? ;)
  • Music artist? Pick up artist? Art artist? Quick change artist? :) I sold a couple of drawings to a museum several years ago. That's when I came to think of myself as a true artist. I haven't sold anything since. Then again, I haven't tried. You can call yourself an artist anytime. Selling a piece of work is not a prerequisite. I've known other painters who are extremely talented, but don't have the desire to sell their work.
  • When what you are creating is from the gut and your motivation is truth and not money or any other wrong reason.
  • I don't know if it's something you call yourself so much as it's something that people come to describe you when they react to your creations.

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