• oil change at 4,000, and every 8,000 change the oil filter. Changing the filter regualrly is vital.
  • I best recommend the 3.000 miles. Yes, technology has advanced further, but sometimes, it is best even to change it at 3,000 miles. On other specifments, it can different as well. Manuals can help, but sometimes, it isn't worth it. Car dealers just try to persuade you, so I don't believe them. I trust the mechanics instead.
  • For older vehicles stick to the 5000km or every 3 months. For newer vehicles, the engines are designed better. Listen to the manual. Dealers sometimes say the wrong things. Check your manual and if in doubt call the manufacturer. I know for my 2000 intrepid I change it every 5000/3months but for my new civic it's whenever the car's computer tells me it needs changing. Sometimes the car knows best :) Keep in mind that it never hurts to change the oil more often. When in doubt, just change it and be done with it. One less thing to worry about, and VERY cheap insurance against engine damage.
  • I'm 71 and lived in the times of the 3,000 mile oil change. Now I'm retired and probably don't drive more than 3,000 miles per year, but for any number of reasons, I would be foolish to only change my oil only once per year. When our youngest boy went out of town for college, we bought him a new 2002 Dodge ram and required that he change the oil every 3,000 miles. Now I'm driving that truck as a second car and it has over 161,000 miles on it. I consider the cost of those oil changes a small price to pay for long engine life. But this site should help you to decide what's best for your driving environment:
  • It really depends upon the type of driving you do. Short trips in the city turn the engine more revolutions in lower gears and either get hotter in warm weather or moisture may accumulate (a byproduct of combustion) if you only do short trips in freezing weather and do not heat up the engine enough to drive out the moisture. It is usually a waste to change oil every 3,000 miles. I have driven a lot of cars and trucks well over 100,000 miles each in the past 49 years, typically changed oil and filter about every 7,500 miles (maybe 5,000 when competition driving), and none of those ever burned oil. I had a 95 Maxima SE 5-spd (purchased May 94), including competition in parking lot slaloms and 2 mile road racing tracks (time trials), and it still ran strong without burning any oil when I traded it for a new MazdaSpeed3 18 years later. The information center of a 2008 GMC work truck told me when to change the oil (& filter), based on run time and rpm I am guessing, and with mostly expressway and highway driving (relatively low rpm for distance driven) typically went 9,000-10,000 miles before signalling time for an oil change. It never consumed any oil.

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