• I think that Doctors should be recommending medicine in a hospital/office setting. Pharmaceutical ads just cause people to become paranoid about having a certain disease.
  • I think they are stupid,for the side effects of the drug is much worse than the so called benefits.
  • Not very well!!! haha :)+4
  • They drive me nuts. Half the time, they leave you wondering what the hell the drug is for!
  • Pretty lame..."ask your doctor if such-and-such is right for you..." If it's right for me my doc will prescribe asking won't do anything but annoy him/her.
  • I think "Hmmm..... do I have restless leg syndrome"? maybe I do, maybe I need that crap that will probably shut down my kidney functions or give me a heart attack cuz that's gotta be better than restless legs.
  • I think they're kind of silly. Usually they're prescription drugs and it's not like I can run out and buy them. They should stick to giving doctors pencils and pads of paper - that's their target market.
  • I find them amusing..I love how the list of side effects seem worse than what they are treating folks for :)
  • They are quite amusing when they speak of the side effects. I wonder how many really have herpies or genital warts thats actually doing those commercials & would admit it so happily. Whats really funny is when they have smiling bob & then the herpies informercial right after. Irony.
  • I am glad they are putting the side effects out there more and more.. but the commercials are sad to me because over half the people who need them.. cannot afford them. So they remind me how screwed up our health system is here in the U.S. and all of my patients who worked hard all of their lives.. just to suffer with pain in their "golden" years. Bums me out. I see more ads for vanity issues than severe issues and that is pretty lame as well.
  • These ads are just another example of how people are like sheep, my leg hurts I must have restless leg syndrome, my head hurts one day, must be a migraine. It feeds into peoples fears of illhealth. Ride it out and be drug free is all I can say!Drugs are expensive and harmful to your body unless you absolutly positively need them I see no need for most medicines.People are guinea pigs to the pharmaceutical companies they are getting rich off of peoples fears.I feel they should be banned from televsion and magazines.Let the pharmaceutical representatives bother the doctors and not the general public.
  • Indifferent.
  • I would rather have legs that flop around by themselves than risk the side effects of Uncontrolled Gambling & Excessive Sexual Urges
  • They're idiotic - if anything, they make me NOT want to take them.
  • I wish the drug companies could leave the prescribing of medicine to doctors. I don't need them wasting money advertising drugs.
  • I do not like most commercials in general....but I GET A KICK out of SMILING BOB...or who ever it is...the ones that advertise on TV for the male SIZE enhancement and the guy is just grinning like the sun...his wife is happy and the neighbors, as he steps from the pool at a neighborhood BBQ and he has LOST HIS TRUNKS in the pool...evidently...are dumbstruck with AWE!!!!! The music is really bad, the commercial is cheesey and it makes me laugh because it is making fun of its self, the concept and the product.... AS for the REAL pharmaceutical ads.... I do so love when they quietly, quickly and with as little attention draw as possible begin to list the POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS...may cause death, vomiting, headache, upset stomach, frequent urination, dry mouth, loss of sexual drive, baldness, THOUGHTS OF suicide, lack of sleep, over eating, loss of appetite, profanity, profundity, an urge to others who annoy you, your dog's rejection of your smell, excessive gas, smeller than usual ca-ca, a desire for utter silence, poor choice in reading material, a dislike of over dyed hair, your butt to explode if you get on a bus that travels slower than 50 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, the inability to speak a foreign language (assuming you could before), a craving to eat cheap pot pies on the hood of your car, a decrease of blood pressure, an increase in trying to watch poop as it comes from your butt with a mirror....dizziness, seeing spots or seeing SPOT's all the same really...and an inability to play the piano.... SHEEZZZZ drugs are scary chit!
  • The pharmaceutical companies are shisters..making alot of money off of us.. misleading ads that promise so much yet usually cause a myriad of other problems.
  • Those ads should not be allowed. The drug companies are running the world now. Take a pill to sleep, take a pill to stay awake,take a pill for erectile dysfunction,take a pill for stool softening,take a pill for stool hardening,take a pill to counteract all the pills you've been taking. Its a bloody nightmare, you can take a pill for nightmares too!
  • in general i don't like the pharmaceutical companies, so i don't support their advertising.
  • The voice over that includes the side effects last longer than the damn commercial.
  • FAKE!FAKE!FAKE! i religiously believe dat dese advertisments r not meant to b taken too seriously ^_^ dey only exaggerates the facts n forgo reality...!!
  • They make me angry because I don't have any those cool diseases like herpes and arthritis.
  • I have a problem with the prescription ones. OTC is ok because I can decide, not my Doc.
  • usually I just feel confused; it seems there's a lot of ads telling me to ask my doctor about whatever it is, without telling me what the drug is for ...lots of smiling people, some pretty flowers, and the next thing I know, I'm asking my doctor if I need a medication that's....oops! for prostate health... :-P
  • "if your erection last longer than 4 hours...." what ad genius came up with that??? - you can cure the common cold with a 4 hour erection & save the whales at the same time
  • Nauseous
  • By the number of them on TV,I would say that we live in a very sick world...

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