• Because they enjoy it? I have done the same thing, eventually you get bored of it, but why not watch it over n over again while you enjoy it? That is, after all, the point of watching a film!
  • When I watch a movie, it is mostly for the entertainment value, and some are only entertaining once or twice. Musicals can be entertaining on a regular basis for the music. However, my son watches movies for the technical tips he can learn for his own productions. He is a video game designer. Some people might just feel a personal relationship with storyline, and enjoy following it through again and again.
  • There are only a handful of movies I can watch over and over again, including The Sixth Sense, Farris Buellers Day Off, Emma (Gweneth Paltro) and old Bob Hope movies and Marx Brothers movies. I'm not sure what it is about certain movies that I can watch more than once.
  • Some movies require multiple viewings to get more out of them, like Alien3 or The Man Who Copied. Others just make people feel happy - when I was younger, I used to watch the Star Wars trilogy over and over again.
  • Because of the feeling they get when watching the movie. Me, specifically, I enjoy watching the romantic classics so I can feel the love that is being portrayed in the movie, something that I long for and do not have not my life. :(

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