• Organic eggs are produced without the use of growth hormones and the like. Free range eggs mean that the chickens were not kept in cages.
  • Free range are where the chickens roam about outside and so are happier and more likely to produce better eggs, but they may have been fed chemicals to keep them healthy, or colourings to make the yolk more yellow. Organic eggs are those where the chicken has been fed nothing but natural food and has had no human given chemicals like steriods or colourings... but the hens may have been on a battery farm. I've no idea what the difference between the actual eggs is, but I'm guessing the best would be a free range organic one! Why the hell are they so expensive though!?? 200 years ago, free range organic eggs were all there was! x
  • Thank you both for the explanations. :) So the organic eggs can come from caged hens... I think in those days, there wasn’t that much competition or demand and people were not too concerned of how they came. Nowadays people expect a lot, there are so many things to watch, animal rights/health etc.. so it must be expensive to supply to the demand while keeping with the laws. Specially when producing “free range” or “organic” eggs. More effort is required to maintain hens that produce organic eggs and more space is required for free range I believe.
  • Free range eggs come from free range chickens. Organic eggs do not.
  • Free range eggs are really a misnomer. It doesn't mean they ran around all the time and lived a happy life. It can mean that they weren't kept in battery cages and had a big cage. It can mean that they let them out once a week for a few minutes. It means really nothing. THey chickens are still de-beaked so they don't peak each other. They still can be fed bad food, including ground up animal protein from the remains of the slaughterhouses. Organic eggs are from chickens that have been fed feed that didn't have pesticides used on it. They must have access to the out of doors, though they are satill kept rather crowded. THey can't have antibiotics used on them routinely, only if there is a serious outbreak of disease. And then the eggs can't be sold as organic for a certain time. The feed they eat must be certified free from genetic engineering and not grown with pesticides or herbicides. They can't be fed any animal protein (no ground up cow parts for these ladies:-)
  • 2-14-2017 The producers will put any words you want on the cartons. Federal laws are written to protect growers from people who complain that the words don't mean anything. "Free range" eggs have nothing to do with free range, and "organic" only means no pesticides in the food.

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