• I journal my feelings and thoughts, and engage in conversation with myself. Sometimes people simply don't understand or can't see things from your point of view. I have several friends who do this, and it can be quite frustrating.
  • I try to explain why I'm frustrated, if they just can't grasp why then I drop the subject and live with the frustration : P Maybe I'd try to vent it somehow or take my mind off it, probably by listening to music or playing a comp game *shrugs*
  • It's because people unfortunately don't give a crap :|
  • Hit my head up against the wall? No, lol, what I do is write it down on paper when people do not know what I am telling them :D
  • Same thing I do every day, because I feel that way every day.
  • I talk it over with myselves and we work it out. :)
  • I look for someone who does or I listen/play music...or I write...yeah, I think writing is the most common activity for me. Nothing feels as refreshing as letting your problems and thoughts fall out onto the paper.
  • I got used to that a long time ago. I discovered some people will relate to some things, and other people will relate to other things. Nobody relates to or understands everything. And for some things, it seems like nobody even comes close. I think it's pretty common for people to feel misunderstood at times, and to a point we don't understand ourselves either. It takes a lot of self-analysis and honesty to understand and accept ourselves, but when we gain ground with that then it's easier to explain ourselves to others.
  • I utilize sarcasm, as an representation of my emotional mindset.
  • ummm, no one has EVER understood me or known how i was feeling, so it's just another day in paradise! stop expecting people to understand you, each of us is unique. seek to accept yourself for who you are, no matter what others' opinions are and you will be a happy person. good luck!

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