• For a hotel room, when I'm checking in I ask the desk clerk very nicely. I also wait until there's no one else around - they're not as likely to upgrade you if other people will then be clamoring for it. I try to talk to the desk clerk and make a connection - treat them like a person without even an upgrade in mind. If they're obviously having a crappy day, I try whatever I can to make it better, empathize with them, and be easy on them. And chocolate never hurts. For upgrading a plane ticket, I've written a whole page right here: Not nearly as easy as it used to be, though.
  • Comparison shopping on travel web sites (ie. travelocity, orbitz, expedia) Membership in hotel frequent stay programs and airline frequent flyer programs Membership in auto clubs such as AAA Though they're becoming rare, a good travel agent can be priceless in putting together good deals. And, as Nicole mentioned, being nice to a front desk person can often make the difference.
  • You will always want to speak with a manager/supervisor at the facility and/or company you are trying to obtain the discount with. They always have more capability of offering a discount than a regular member in their staff. Remember always to be courteous with the supervisor, and try to explain to him how important such action by him or her will be when you decide to use their services again.

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