• Sure, Call To Power II, Age of Empires 2-3, Civiliazation I,II,III. Way more.
  • I quite enjoyed Neverwinter Nights (I can't speak for the second one). The stories were well thought out and most of the puzzles were challenging, yet fun. There were several battles that required a fair amount of strategizing and replaying before I hit on winning tactics. Unlike some simpler RPGs, it actually gives you different paths for good and evil characters. Of course, the magic word for me tends to be *FREE*. I got hours of entertainment out of the demo of Blades of Avernum without spending a penny. The free adventure, The Valley of Dying Things, was a well-balanced mystery with lots of side quests. I enjoyed it so much that I actually paid for the whole game. If you're in the mood for a classic, you can't go wrong with Infocom games. They're creative, challenging, and humorous. I love Zork! Just remember, if it's dark, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
  • Definatly look into elder scrolls oblivion for an rpg. that was a great one. warcraft III was a great strategy game (as well as starcraft, which they are making a new one of as we speak which ROCKS). i just purchased an RPG called Loki: Heroes of Mythology. Its pretty much a Diablo clone, but its not bad at all.
  • Oh, old school sierra games such as the quest for glory series... now those are good games!
  • Might and Magic: Dark Messiah, though it's not entirely much of an RPG because the only things they let you choose in is a class (warrior, thief, archer, mage), and their preferred weapons, but it does take strategy and some skill not to get thrown around, I even had a hard time on it's minimum difficulty (normal), though I did beat it in a week on my '360. But that's just me and games. I'd also agree with Skrubby on Oblivion, good game, but make sure your computer can handle it or you might be crying, the graphics are astonising on it and look realistic, though some rocks and gravel roads often turn shiny, but that also just may be a '360 thing.

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