• 'Cuz he's hot, Hot, HOT!!!!! Love the preppy-gone-scruffy look. Yummy! Dule Hill is hotness, too.
  • Never heard oh him. <Goes to google him> I don't know why. He's cute, but I wouldn't call him sexy. Well maybe a bit sexy...but definitely not the sexiest.
  • I'd never heard of him either. <Googles him too> Eh, no big whoop. lmao.
  • He is really cute, but I wouldn't say sexist man in Hollywood. I never got that with Seth Green either.
  • He is really good looking, but I don't think I'd call him the sexiest.
  • He's very sexy & funny, his beauty is different, i adore him , and Bale too:
  • I think so, but I love guys that aren't trying to look perfect and chiseled all the time. I like guys that look real and definitely fall for the cute factor. I really like the scruffy look and the amazing eyes, so I definitely think he's hot and would love for him to be named THE SEXIEST MAN IN HOLLYWOOD. I'm tired of the usual winners, the guys who are too perfect to be real. This guy is hot/cute and looks like a normal guy. I love him for it. I mean, come on, how can't you think that he was cute?
  • I don't know so much about the actor himself. But the character he plays on Psych is over-the-top sexy! He's so smart! And funny too! And observant! Those are all qualities I value in a man! Dule Hill is pretty hot too! And he's even smarter on the show.

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