• Well, it's fairly easy. It goes a bit like this: You move in a forward motion, putting one foot in front of the other, rather like what we call "walking." Gradually, you increase your speed. Quite easy, actually ! I'm sure you'll do fine !
  • Step 1: Stand Up Step 2: Push your legs forward causing a reaction that moves the whole body lol Step 3: Try to move your legs faster Step 4: Move at a steady pace Step 5 (Optional): If you are a rather large person, throw your stomach in front of you and your body should follow lol Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-4
  • Take a look at the runners world web site, they have some beginners programs developed by some really good coaches. also some discussions in the public area.
  • It is best to start out slow and easy, like at a fast walk or a jog working your way up to a fast run. Don't forget to stretch.
  • Well, you could try left foot first, or right foot first. Its 50/50 here and there really is no wrong answer. JUST DO IT ALREADY!
  • i would just start doing it

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