• I really like my house, and I don't want to leave it. I have though about what it would be like if we moved and I wouldn't like the thought of someone sleeping in my room. Alas, I will be forced out of the house by next year.
  • I'm really attached to mine... I've never moved so I've been there since I was born and love it so much.... I don't really want to move out, but when I do... no no I can't think about that... I love my bed too much x
  • I like my house. It is a single family home with a lot of space. I would live here by choice, if I had the choice to.
  • I really like my house.
  • Being a minor I have no choice I have to live here. BUT it is a REALLY nice house. I mean it's not the best best or anything, but it's something that is well put together and all.
  • I have no choice.
  • I don't like it... looking for another place... But It's a lot of money to move... I think I would rather spend the money on getting away for a couple weeks... :o)
  • We moved here when my husband was sick and we just wanted a place as a base in the UK. Our larger house was sold and our cottage in the Lake District was too far away from the area hospitals in which he was being treated. It is smaller than I am used to and not yet finished. but will suit me as a base when I start travelling again.
  • My apartment is ok. I will be moving within the next few months probably though. I get tired of places quickly.
  • I like my house, but I wish it were in Colorado.
  • My place is cool, Im just sick of Kramer turning up uninvited.
  • Currently live in an apartment and have no choice because I can not afford a house yet and well most apartments are all the same.
  • No, I really don't like my house. We lived in the country and only moved to town to be closer to the hospital because of my Husband's illness. We were only living here two months when he took another heart attack.One thing after another has gone wrong since we moved here. I think the house has bad Karma.We are in the process of getting it ready to be put on the market,but it is taking longer than we had hoped.We may have to put in another winter here.:(
  • I like my house. I do wish the rooms were just a bit larger, but other than that I like everything about it.
  • Currently I have no choice. But that will be changing in the next few months!!!!
  • I have lived in this house for 24 years and I LOVE IT! They will have to carry me out.
  • A combination of the two, actually. I have no choice, yet I have been taught to be content with what I have.
  • its good. i only moved here cuz its all i can afford [def NOT a house] but i dont see what id do with a house unless i had kids anyway.
  • I adore my house home sweet home bcos of its airy circulation and its peaceful neighbor. When ever I returned back from oversea the house is always a pleasant place to rest ,sleep the whole day long without any noise disturbances. Its very peaceful and serene.
  • It ain't "Home Sweet Home" but I adjusted.
  • It's ok. I live in an apartment which is beautiful. It's quiet here. all my neighbors are elderly. I live in a very small town with nothing to do.. no way to meet movies, no mall. nothing. I am Entergy which is very expensive utilities. we have no resources here for help in trouble. no food banks, no salvation army, no one to help with utilities, etc. Most of the residents in this city make under $700 a month. I moved here out of a domestic violence home and it was only thing that was open at the time. I guess I should have waited until something else opened up in another city that I could afford but the abuse was bad I just wanted to get out.. I am hoping to move sometime next year if I have the money but till the economy improves and I can start saving a few $'s a month, that won't happen.. but it will be ok

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