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  • Neither.
  • What for? Personally i don't like things up my ass, what do you find more suitable of fun?
  • Some do, many think it is taboo. honestly if they ever tried it they would want it all the time.
  • I personaly love to have a buttplug up my ass. It realy turns me on when my girlfriend orders and tells me I have to wear the buttplug out in public with her such as movies, dinner, playing pool or when she makes me wear it wear it to bed and keep it in all nigh til morning. Sometimes she wants to I wear the buttplug all day at work, and to make sure I don't take it out while at work she makes me wear a locking buttplug harness. When we are with her friends she says, tell my friends what your wearing honey, and I have to tell them or she threatens to tell my guy friends that I wear a buttplug. Very humilating. So now I actualy have become accustom to having to wear the plug.
  • None of the men I have been with have shown any interest in that, and only a couple have wanted anal sex. Many think it's gross.
  • Emma why not comment on how you and your female companions like different things in your ass, I bet that would be interesting to hear, maybe a video?
  • Both =P while masturbating I sometimes use a butt plug and my girlfriend usually fingers me during Oral sex.
  • My guy likes both (a small plug though) and my small fingers.
  • Oh lordy....when a woman fingers and tickles my ass I go straight out the world and will automatically pound into her as hard as I can....uncontrollable pleasure...
  • Butt plug mostly. It depends on my wifes finger nails. internal cuts aren't that fun.
  • fingers, strap-ons.....It's all good!
  • I've never tried the ol' butt plug before, so I suppose I lean towards the finger.
  • I don't like it in, I prefer a massage of the area between my anus and testicles. That would do basically a similar thing in terms of real stimuli. The anus itself is very sensitive and a wet tongue or lubed finger massaging that is also great. Just no penetration.
  • Both are great for me. I like the fingers because they are easy to lube up, slide in and out, and control. The butt plug is a much fuller feeling, doesn't move when in, and takes a lot of work. I suppose it would depend on the mood. If it is spontaneous, a finger will do. For lengthy pleasure, a butt plug for sure.
  • actually my wife makes me to wear a butt plug..she thinks its very nice because that makes me being hard all the time...we are practising many years now with anal sex..receving and giving...i personaly wear a plug many hours during day..and she loves it. thank you
  • I like small dildos or butt plugs myself. My wifes nails are a killer period. And the first time she used her finger during oral it was a feeling that I wanted more of.
  • I prefer a butt plug to a finger, it is a much fuller experience, even better is a inflatable one.
  • Both, but I love the idea of my woman making me wear a butt plug... especially if we go out in public. It has always been one of my sexual fantasies.
  • actually either... have only tried my own finger, so would be interested in the plug as well
  • Finger. I don't enjoy anything inanimate to be inserted.
  • I definitely love the gulp of a plug as it slides in. but I'll take a good fisting before the plug (or incorporated together as my fave
  • Neither. The only things that come near my butthole are soap and my boxers, period!
  • I prefer a plug over fingers mostly because I have a problem dealing with the sight or smell of fecal matter so having it on my partners finger is a huge turn off
  • Love the butt plug, I have 6 all different sizes and do wear some of them out in public. The real big ones though I can only wear for about a couple hrs. so I just walk around the house naked with them in me.I have had many orgasms with them in and also my wife pulling it out just as I cum, both are intense orgasms.
  • i like fingers - have never tried butt plug but if anything like fingers i'd give it a shot
  • I have a set of jelly anal beads. But I only use it sometimes beucase it's too intense. Besides, it gets dirty and I hate to wash it.
  • finger - never had butt plug
  • i myself have only experienced a finger n i had a long time to be convinced to try it the first time wasnt to pleasurable but thenext time was insane just women if u ever wanna try this with ur man dont pull a big toy on him for the first try its a turn off if it spooks him so just a finger then aafter awhile excelerate to the toys just a tip
  • I love the butt plug. I have several. I sometimes go out in public with one in. Sometimes I sleep with one in. And I LOVE to jo with one it. Big turn on and big loads!
  • i would like finger and butt plug...with the blug i feel more full...but in the time of sex i would like to be penatreted by a finger
  • I'm a 42 yr old virgin i wear womens thong panties, and only thongs would love a woman to fuck my ass till i couldnt sit down or walk for a day.
  • I like the feeling of a butt plug. I like to wear them all day, it keeps me horney all day long. My wife as fingered me and used hervibrator in me but still rather have the felling of a butt plug in me. Plus no need to worry about a fingernail cut.
  • butt plug. Im straight as they come but I really like anal pleasure. a fingure is to small, a dildo is nice if its about 2"-3" thick and about 9"-18" long but a butt plug is the best. an inflatable butt plug is even better.
  • Definitely butt plug! Much smoother, and larger/longer in size! The portability is a huge plus too, being able to wear it in public gets me very aroused :) You should use a double dong with him, that would be my ultimate fantasy cuz you get your cheeks slapping each other ala Requiem for a dream! Hot!!
  • Fingers are great but unless you can find the prostate and gently rub it back and fore; then a generous sized vibrating butt plug is better. I'm straight but I've love having my butt played with.
  • I have had both and can say without doubt that I prefer the finger in my ass. A womans finger can move around and stimulate me better despite the smaller size. Also, if you want more size, she can shove two fingers inside rather than just one.
  • MMMMMM I just wat to get stuffed fingers, but plugs, dildos, vibrators or a nice cock. I am now just getting my girlfriend to start playing with my ass. I love the feel and sensation of having tings inserted in my ass

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