• You experience menstrual cramps throughout your body, but you just don't know it cause you are asleep.
  • Little elves creep in and put wax in your ears! Then they hide under the bed until morning when they become invisible. When you get up and clean your ears, the watch and giggle their invisible giggle.
  • I think your body just relaxes into a deep sleep + 5
  • I don t know I am sleeping, however, sometimes I jerk violently and wake myself up, usualy I toss and turn untill I am comfortable. generally you pretty much go limp while your body rebuilds itself and recoups from the abuse you gave it that day .
  • I think you go into a period of recharge that allows your body to gain the energy it needs to function for the next day. By reducing your physical movement it can absorb the potential energy that has been accumulated in your body throughout the day.
  • you fall asleep

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