• Heaven is a place where you are eternally happy - whatever that means is subjective... To me I suppose it means a place where I can have some peace and quiet, perhaps discuss things with some of the greatest minds through history, perhaps merely get to see some famous historical figures, perhaps to be able to explore the vast depths of reality in all it's glory, etc... 'Whatever' : D
  • I don't believe in heaven in a literal sense. In a figurative sense, it is that which you experience as happy, content, and safe.
  • Dont really know...all the thoughts of heavan are man-made but there is no one that has been there and back that can give us a clearer I really dont know what my heaven would be like.....;)
  • Heaven is the seat of God’s Government. It is where Jesus and his anointed brothers will rule over mankind after Armageddon. I have no idea if any of my ancestors are there. Only a limited number will rule as kings with Christ while the vast majority will live, or be resurrected to a cleansed Earth.
  • for me it'd be a place where I could sit and talk with famous people from neat to chat with Shakespeare, after all he DID NOT write all that stuff!!! and get his views on it.........and Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe..........gee what great conversations I could have!!!!
  • not sure

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