• Yes. Treason happens for a reason. Just ask Donald Trump. lol
  • Most things happen for a reason. A person can be unreasonable with some things they do and how their mind works. With some people, you can’t reason with them because they don’t make sense with the things they do or their way of thinking while others can be reasoned with. Reason is not just for people. There is reason in the natural world and beyond us in the universe that humans would not be able to comprehend. For instance, there is reason for the universe expanding, the twinkling of the stars, the planets in motion and the reason for the sun shining brightly. Things that people can’t explain has reason.
  • Yes, of course it does.
  • I'd say I don't know. We like to believe that everything happens for a reason, because it is comforting, but, at least at the microscopic level, we have found a small list of things that appear to happen for no reason at all. For example, spontaneous virtual pairs. Scientists have observed that, for no particular reason, a particle and it's antiparticle can spontaneously appear and then almost immediately afterward, disappear. Could it be an error in measurement? Not likely, because it has been repeated many times. Another example, if you fire a single particle through a narrow enough slit, the particle's path will deflect. One could reason that the presence of the slit is the reason for this, which would be correct, but, specifically, the direction that the particle is deflected is random. Repeating the experiment with the same particle through the same slit with the same initial trajectory and energy yields totally unpredictable results. John Bell, a brilliant amateur scientist was able to prove, through pure logic and rigor, that there are no hidden variables in these sorts of experiments that determine the observed randomness of small particles. Usually, these random events don't translate to much meaningful consequence at the scale of human beings, at least in any way we currently understand, except for very rare events, but these things are very difficult to prove at this scale due to the increase in complexity.

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