• Old Testament is the history of the Jews, New Testament is a history of Jesus. OT contains the predictions about the Savior, NT is about the actions about the Savior.
  • I like to think of the Bible as, "The History of the Interactions between God and Man up to the First Century". So: even though the Old Testament consists of Jewish documents written for Jewish readers, they are extremely important to we Christians because they teach us in some considerable detail the pre-Christian history of the interaction between God and humans. That is (more simply): they teach us about God. They teach us things about God - lots and lots of things about God - that we would not know if we did not have them or use them. * Different denominations see additional aspects of the Old Testament that are important, and I will not get into that since the matter can be very disputatious. But I think all Christian denominations are pretty well agreed with regard to the very important aspect that I have highlighted in my answer.
  • The Old Testament documents the law, history, and prophecies, as well as proverbial wisdom, of the Jewish people from the beginning of writing to about 450 BC. It focuses on one God who punishes people for doing wrong. The New Testament starts before the birth of Jesus around 5 BC and focuses on His life and then the ramifications of the claims that He is the messiah. It focuses on there being three Gods, who are all the same one God, who save people based on their beliefs.
  • The Old Testament is the original Bible.

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