• It's a possibility, but I don't think super likely. Musk is a sort of cult of personality. People think of him as this supergenius billionaire, because he is chief engineer at Space X and owner of Tesla and so forth, but he's really no more than just a businessman. He bought Space X from the real rocket engineers who started it, and it's those actually qualified scientists who run the company. Tesla is another company that had fully formed their products before he bought into it. Paypal was an idea that he copied off of someone else and marketed better by using corporate leverage to get an in with eBay. So, he's a big risk-taker and a pushy businessman, and that paid off for him. Now that people see him as a technological genius, he might not make the claims that he is the one coming up with the ideas, but he certainly leans into that persona. To be honest, as with all big risk takers, he's had a LOT of his business plans fail. He is just playing with much bigger numbers and he's smart for keeping his investments in cutting egde stuff diverse.
  • Probably not

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