• When a hole appeared in mine!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing!
  • When wearing used jeans became popular, which started, to the best of my memory (because it wasn't something I did) probably in the mid-to-late sixties.. It probably started out as a part of hippy culture because, obviously, sartorial elegance wasn't part of the culture but wearing old clothing definitely was. Of course, before there were hippies there were fifties beatniks and I can't say anything definite about what they would wear because I was just a kid in the fifties but I don't think that movement had the widespread impact that hippie culture did.
  • One of my sisters grand daughter left some clothes for grandma to wash and among them was a pair of really torn up jeans. My sister sewed and patched them up after she washed them and her grand daughter just about freaked out! She bought them that way. This was just a few years ago. 11/10/23

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