• Why? You can't hide the past, see it as a warning, but it does us no good to live in it.
  • To the contrary: people should be made aware of how inhumane humans can be and have been to other humans, should be made aware that entire societies can be persuaded that such behavior is acceptable. The worst behavior of humanity's past should be put on display, so that humanity does not forget and does not fall back into that same behavior.
  • No, I don't think so. Slavery is thousands of years old and has been practiced in all cultures around the world. It is a part of human history. Trying to sweep it under the rug is silly, IMHO. 11/6/23
  • I think its okay to portray slavery artwork as illustrative purposes as opposed to glorifying the cruel institution. Museums display history including art museums. Artwork unless its purely abstract is a reflection of one's times.

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