• No. It is a sign of success, aging means you are still alive. If you still have (most of) your faculties there is nothing to worry about.
  • Yes, it does scare me
  • Been there. Done that. It's not very scary after you've done as much of it as I have.
  • When I see people my age and they look very old, I wonder do I look as bad?
  • No, aging is just another facet of life. I am nearly in my 8th decade now, and I'm still relatively active and relatively involved with life around me. I haven't lost all my marbles yet and there seems to be more and more young people who call me "uncle" every time I'm out and about. The only really downside of getting old is the aches and pains involved resulting from an active life, IMHO. 10/27/23
  • No, better not as I am 85 now and loving life!
  • No. I don’t think about the age I am and focus more on living the present moment if that makes sense. It’s better not to let old age sink into the mind which is the key to feeling successful in life.

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