• Maybe not a horror movie per se, but Come And See really disturbs me. It's very close to the reality of what actually happened. It's frightening how humans can be so incredibly cruel, especially in large groups.
  • The Chainsaw Mascre
  • Barney's Great Adventure. (The Horror! The Horror!)
  • The Halloween movies. For me they are about hopelessness, ie unable to get any better. re:Main character. Plus of course the blood and gore, iow the ultra violence.
  • None. There was a time when I was scarred for many years from watching Stephen King’s It from 1990. That gave me nightmares for a long time but now I’m used to watching horror movies and not get scared. I would jump at fright scenes but that’s about it.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). The movie has a lot of over-the-top gore and violence. Freddy stretching his arms chase is what nightmares are made of:

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