• Are they cooked or raw? If they are cooked, I would recommend eating them. If they are raw, I would recommend cooking them by the method of your choice, and then eating them. If you like Indian cuisine, there are lots of recipes that incorporate them. I've never tried peanuts and coke, but lots of people seem to love that "dish."
    • Linda Joy
      cooked. Dang, I forgot about them again!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Yeah, if they are cooked, you can just eat them. They aren't half bad just plain. If you want a little more excitement, put them in a bag, then put two drops of olive oil, some Slap Ya Mama, and then shake vigorously.
  • Thai and Chinese food use p-nuts alot in their recipes. Look on youtube for an easy exotic recipe. Make p-nut brittle, or just eat them for a snack. 9/22/23
    • Linda Joy
      My mom used to make peanut brittle. I think you need raw peanuts for that, but I don't know why. Good suggestion though. Thanks.
    • dalcocono
      Oh no, roasted salted p-nuts are the stuff. My wife makes POUNDS of that stuff during the holidays. 1 12oz. can pf roasted salted nuts per batch. Add in a little extra baking soda to the mix for a better texture.
  • 'em? Roasted, salted peanuts...right? Even unsalted, roasted peanuts are a delicious snack.

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