• He loves the poor, widows, veterans, the disabled...all people. Look how much he has done for all Americans.
    • Linda Joy
      like what?
    • 11stevo73
    • 11stevo73
      sniffing childrens hair doesn't achieve anything
  • You shouldn't ask that question to people who watch only Fox News. Here is a list for you: Jobs: President Biden’s first year was the greatest year of job creation in American history, with more than 6 million jobs created. Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate dropped from 6.2% when Biden took office to 3.9%, the biggest single year drop in American history. Unemployment Claims: The average number of Americans filing for unemployment has been near its lowest level since 1969. When the President took office, over 18 million were receiving unemployment benefits, today only 2 million are—also the biggest single year drop in history. Economic Legislation Passed: Most significant by economic impact of any first-year president. Child Poverty: Experts estimate the lowest child poverty rate ever in 2021. Expanded Access to Health Care: Nearly 5 million Americans have newly gained health insurance coverage. Reduced Hunger: The number of households reporting that they sometimes or often did not have enough food to eat dropped by 32%. Judges Confirmed: More judges confirmed to lower federal courts than any president since President Kennedy. Judges That Reflect Our Nation: More Black women appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals than any president – even over 8 years – in history. Cabinet: First majority non-white Cabinet in history, with most women in the Cabinet, including first woman Treasury Secretary, first LGBTQ+ and Native American Cabinet officials, and first woman Director of National Intelligence. Climate Investments: Largest investments ever in the power grid, electric vehicle chargers, and climate resilience. Clean Water: Largest investment and national, bipartisan plan to get safe and clean drinking water to all Americans. Cleaner Cars: Strongest vehicle emissions standards ever to save drivers money at the pump and reduce pollution. Wind: First-ever approvals of large-scale offshore wind projects. Personnel: Most diverse Administration in history – most women, people of color, disability, LGBTQ+, first generation American, and first-generation college graduates.
    • 11stevo73
      tucker isn't at fox anymore I didn't watch anything else at fox. How did any of those things you wrote make your country any better?
    • 11stevo73
      Which of those things made the USA a better place? How many shops closed this week?
  • I don't think so. Treason is pretty specific in it's constitutional definition, and he hasn't transgressed. Jane Fonda is a traitor and still treasonous in her public remarks and commentary. IMHO 6/29/23
    • 11stevo73
      Is selling state secrets treason?
    • dalcocono
      That probably could be if it happened. As chief exec, he has a a lot of lattitude in what he can do with that sort of thing. The issue here I think, is his statement to the Indian leader. Here is a fact check

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