• Maybe I'm not clear. Do you mean that while you are checked in to the hospital, you don't encounter any doctors? I rarely see actual doctors anywhere any more. I get the feeling that they almost all retired in 2020 or something. Pre-covid, I would usually actually see a doctor at a doctor's office visit, or in the ER, or before surgery, or whatever time you'd expect to encounter a doctor. Post-covid, not so much. At the "doctor's office," I only ever see technicians. At the hospital, I only ever see technicians and rarely, nurses. I saw my son's pediatrician getting a coffee once, at the cafe, but I suppose that doesn't count in this context. We're just barely coming out of the craziness of the covid-era here (maybe just about 12 months ago businesses suddenly stopped talking about covid, which isn't a long time in terms of doctor's visits). But I often wonder what happened to all of the doctors. The one my wife was seeing moved away. Her fall-back doctor also moved away. The doctor I had been seeing moved away right before covid. The specialist I had seen no longer has an office, and the "system" I'm on redirected me to go to the hospital for that service, where I only see a technician. IDK what's going on, but I've also noted that it seems strange. But this is just my solitary experience, not real data.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)

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