• That would depend on the pieces. We talkin' nuggets or breasts? I don't think I could eat a whole breast. They're too dry. Half breast if I was hungry and didn't eat any sides or bread. Wings and legs don't offer a lot of food. I usually eat a thigh. But I pretty much quit eating fried foods ten years ago. KFC used to have a good rotisserie chicken! And their cole slaw is good. Took me a while to be able to eat it again after working at KFC and making it 50 lbs at a time. We had to mix it with gloved hands!
    • Queen Chelsea
      It was a mixture of breast wings and legs but yes fried chicken is way to unhealthy to eat regularly
  • I do not eat KFC because their batter on the chicken is full of monosodium glutamate.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Mono what ?
    • Thinker
      MSG, monosodium glutamate is a flavour enhancer used in many foods. It is dangerous and should not be used. The USA is one of the very few countries that allow it into their food.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Why didn't you just say MSG in the first place lol

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