• That depends on your budget. For me: yes, it's a "splurge" item that I don't depend on for my meals.
  • I can afford cheese and I don't consider myself to be wealthy. But, I suppose it's all relative. Maybe compared to my friends, I don't spend very much on food, but compared to a 17th century Russian Serf, I'm really a big spender high roller.
  • It wasn't that many years ago there were huge food surpluses of grains and cheese. The US government was giving away tons of cheese to all who were on welfare. There was so much grain in storages around the country it was rotting in the storage tanks. I know this because when I was in university back in the 1960s I had to write a paper on food storages. Today you no longer hear of these food surpluses give aways, I have often wondered where they all went.
      The federal programs that stockpiled dairy products (mainly butter and cheese) were discontinued. I don't know about the grain thing.

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