• As the doctor likes to drive a Mercedes-AMG the drug companys bribe them to prescribe their drugs not the cheapest most people get the brand the doctor prescribes. Be very careful taking drugs even from the doctor some of them are nothing but pill pushers. Many addictions started at the doctors office?
  • Same reason they pay ridiculous prices for clothes and cars with designer labels. They think they are more valuable and they perceive themselves as deserving 'the best'! I perceive myself as deserving the extra cash. But I take what the VA gives me because its free to me. (co-pay based on income) That said not all generics are 'as good' as the name brand. There was a recall on a generic I used once that had issues with the filler they used.
  • they trust the brand name more
  • Marketing. You're really not buying the prescription - you're buying the branding. It's easier to remember a name-brand product than the name of the drug itself - which is how generics are marketed. "Cozaar" is easier to remember than "Losartan", for example.

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